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QuickGas is a user-friendly mobile app that simplifies the process of ordering and receiving gas cylinders. With just a few taps, users can place their gas orders and expect swift and hassle-free doorstep deliveries, ensuring a convenient and efficient experience for customers.


QuickGas is a comprehensive gas order and delivery application built using the Flutter framework. It serves as a one-stop solution for gas consumers to place orders seamlessly, gas vendors to manage their inventory efficiently, delivery personnel to handle deliveries, and an admin panel to oversee operations. This robust ecosystem ensures convenience, safety, and timely gas delivery for customers.


**Customer App:**

1. **User Registration and Login:** Customers can create accounts or log in securely using their credentials or social media profiles.

2. **Profile Management:** Users can update personal information, delivery address, and payment methods.

3. **Gas Ordering:** Customers can browse available gas products, select quantity, and place orders. They can also schedule deliveries at their preferred times.

4. **Real-Time Tracking:** Users can track the status and location of their gas delivery in real-time.

5. **Secure Payments:** Integration with various payment gateways for secure and convenient transactions.

6. **Order History:** Access to a detailed history of past orders, invoices, and payment receipts.

7. **Notifications:** Receive push notifications for order confirmations, delivery updates, and promotions.

8. **Feedback and Ratings:** Customers can provide feedback and rate delivery services.

**Vendor App:**

1. **Vendor Registration and Login:** Gas vendors can create accounts or log in to their vendor panel.

2. **Inventory Management:** Vendors can update and manage their gas product inventory, pricing, and availability status.

3. **Order Management:** Access to incoming orders, order details, and order status updates. Vendors can accept or reject orders based on availability.

4. **Delivery Scheduling:** Vendors can schedule deliveries, set delivery areas, and manage delivery personnel.

5. **Payment Tracking:** Monitor payment history and receive payments from the admin.

6. **Customer Communication:** Vendors can communicate with customers for order confirmation and updates.

**Delivery App:**

1. **Delivery Assignment:** Delivery personnel receive order assignments and navigation instructions.

2. **Delivery Status Updates:** Real-time updates on order delivery status, including GPS tracking for efficient routing.

3. **Customer Verification:** Verify customer details and process payments upon delivery completion.

4. **In-App Navigation:** Integrated navigation tools for optimized delivery routes.

5. **Order History:** Access to delivery history, earnings, and performance metrics.

**Admin Panel:**

1. **Dashboard:** Overview of system activities, including order statistics, user data, and vendor performance.

2. **User Management:** Admin can manage users, vendors, and delivery personnel accounts.

3. **Vendor Management:** Approval and management of vendor registrations, product listings, and vendor performance.

4. **Order Management:** Monitor order processing, track deliveries, and resolve customer complaints.

5. **Payment Processing:** Admin can process vendor payments, view transaction history, and generate financial reports.

6. **Promotions and Discounts:** Admin can create and manage promotional campaigns and discounts.

7. **Customer Support:** Built-in communication tools to address user queries and issues.

**Security and Privacy:**

- QuickGas prioritizes the security and privacy of user data, implementing encryption and data protection measures.

- Secure payment gateways ensure financial transactions are safe.

- User data is never shared with third parties without consent.


QuickGas is built to scale, accommodating a growing user base, more vendors, and expanding delivery areas.


QuickGas revolutionizes the gas ordering and delivery industry by providing a user-friendly, efficient, and secure platform for customers, vendors, and delivery personnel. It streamlines the entire process from order placement to delivery, ensuring a convenient and reliable experience for all stakeholders.

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